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What to Pack for an Extended Stay in Boston

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What to Pack for an Extended Stay in Boston

When choosing to travel to Boston for an extended stay visit, you must be sure to pack all the right materials. After all, there’s nothing worse than forgetting a special item or having to re-purchase something you already own. The weather in Boston is constantly shifting as well. You might begin the day at 84 degrees and sunny, and end if at 63 degrees and raining. At the very least, be prepared for all sorts of weather conditions. Check out our tips on what to pack for an extended stay in the city of Boston.

Prepare for the Weather

As mentioned above, the weather here is unpredictable. Not so unpredictable that every day is different from the next, but enough so that you’ll want to bring a variety of clothing options for potential shifts in weather conditions. A good thing to bring along in your travels throughout Boston would be a light canvas backpack or bag to store an umbrella or sweatshirt inside. Before you leave for your trip, repeatedly check the forecast to have an idea of what to expect. However, like the weather here in Boston, the forecasts consistently change. Pack for the season you’ll be traveling in, but don’t forget to pack clothing for warmer and cooler temperatures, just in case. Clothing you can layer is essential.

Bring Walking Shoes

Boston is a city begging to be explored. It’s also fairly compact, making it the perfect metropolis for extensive walking. Athletic shoes or outdoor shoes would be your best option when going out to explore the city. Cobblestones and brick sidewalks are all over the place in Boston too, so leave your high heels at home, ladies. Bring them out only when going to an event that requires you to be dressy, or for a night on the town if you’re so inclined. Bringing comfortable shoes is a major tip for visiting Boston.

Sports Memorabilia

If you want to get along with some of the more surly locals, or simply blend in, bring along some Boston sports memorabilia. Items such as hats, t-shirts, or jerseys can go a long way to making you look like you’re from the city. Boston is not the kind of place where locals will welcome you with open arms if you have on an opposing teams merchandise. Starting conversations with townies is much simpler when you have a t-shirt, hat, or pin related to Boston sports in your luggage.


While this isn’t all you’ll need to bring for an extended stay in Boston, it is a great place to start. The items you bring will vary based upon the season you’re traveling in, in addition to what you plan on doing once you’re settled. Bricco Suites will take care of everything else! Our extended stay accommodations are the best you’ll find in Boston, so please schedule your stay with us today!

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