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Why Room Cleanliness is Critical

//Why Room Cleanliness is Critical

Why Room Cleanliness is Critical

While traveling, you expect your accommodations to be clean and prepared for when you arrive. Not only is cleanliness important from a hygiene standpoint, but it’s also crucial for general safety and compliance. Just think about it, if you show up at your room after spending an extended amount of time on an airplane and your room is dirty, are you going to be pleased? Probably not. It’s also highly likely you won’t return to said place again. This is why it’s so important to keep a staff who is well trained on what to keep an eye out for on their daily rounds.


Cleanliness typically isn’t the first topic people discuss when traveling, but it becomes a majorly important subject once the conversation shifts to lodgings. When it comes to your accommodations, cleanliness should be the first thing on the list. After all, who wants to arrive at their destination to discover their room is incredibly unkempt. The answer is no one. This is why we consider daily maid service so crucial here at Bricco Suites. We want all of our guests to feel like their space is fresh and best ready to serve their needs every day. It’s a critical aspect of not only keeping guests happy during their stay, but also to retaining loyal customers. We want you to have an experience that you desire to have again and again.


Statistics indicate that 56% of guests who stayed in economy hotels advised they would not return because the room was not clean, while 94% of guests who stayed in luxury hotels said they would return because of how pristine the room was. What makes Bricco Suites the best is that we combine extended stay accommodations with luxury expectations. Making sure our rooms are spotless for our guests is important to us, and we’re sure it’s important to you too. When you choose to stay at Bricco Suites, you’ll understand why we’re the best extended stay accommodation in Boston, MA. Book a room with us and discover why!

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