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3 Reasons to Visit Boston’s North End

//3 Reasons to Visit Boston’s North End

3 Reasons to Visit Boston’s North End

Boston is a fantastic city. It’s not quite New York City or Chicago in terms of sheer population size, but it’s lovely and bursting with culture. One area of the city, in particular, the North End, is a smorgasbord of culture, history, and food. If you’re planning on staying at Bricco Suites, or if you’re already a guest, take a look at some of the reasons people flock to this gem of a neighborhood.


The North End of Boston was settled in the early 1600s by English Puritans and is home to a large portion of the Freedom Trail. As you walk the mix of paved and cobbled streets, you’ll find the house of Paul Revere, who is forever famous for his ride from Boston to Lexington where he warned Patriots that the British were on their way. If you’re looking to explore, you can also visit the Old North Church which was constructed in 1723.


Lovingly referred to as Boston’s “Little Italy”, the North End is home to the best Italian food you’re going to find in the city. With so many Italian restaurants packed into the neighborhood, you can find food ranging from budget-friendly to high-end pricey. Whether it be a plate of pasta, a delicious sandwich, or seven cannoli’s, you can find just about anything to suit your pallet. If you love seafood, the North End has the best seafood too. We’d love to give you a bunch of recommendations, but part of the North End fun is exploring the area for yourself! Go on a culinary adventure with the streets of the neighborhood as your guide.


As a waterfront neighborhood, the North End has some great walkways with incredible views. It’s not far from Faneuil Hall, a large shopping center with a variety of shops and eateries, the New England Aquarium, and the TD Garden. The beautiful thing about the North End is that you can experience so much within a short walking distance. If you want to mix history with an outdoor jaunt, you can stroll along the Freedom Trail and follow it over the Charlestown Bridge. The path will provide you with gorgeous views of both the Charles River and the North End waterfront.

The North End has its own unique atmosphere that is just begging to be explored. From the food to the nearby shopping, to the general history scattered about the place, there’ll be no shortage of things for you to do during your long-term stay here at Bricco Suites. Interested in staying with us? Give us a call at 617-459-1293!

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