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Making the Most Out of Your Extended Stay Visit

//Making the Most Out of Your Extended Stay Visit

Making the Most Out of Your Extended Stay Visit

The great thing about extended stay accommodations is that they’re a great option for travelers looking to stay in a different city, state, or country, for longer than initially planned. For the money spent, you not only get spacious living quarters but also the feeling of having a home away from home. Do you have an upcoming stay scheduled at Bricco Suites? If so, let’s take a look at a few ways you can get the most out of your experience with us. Read on!

Store Your Luggage & Items

When you arrive at Bricco Suites, you’ll find your room filled with everything you would expect out of an apartment. You’ll find closets, tables, chairs, a kitchenette, etc. If you’ll be staying for a while, unpack your things and arrange them in the appropriate places. Hang your clothes up, store your bags, and bring out any books you may have brought along with you. Not only will this help you feel more at home but it’ll also save you from having to rummage through your luggage every time you need something.

Don’t Bring Too Much

When you choose Bricco Suites, be confident that all of the necessary essentials will be provided to you. You needn’t worry about kitchenette utensils, toiletries, or other home essentials. If you arrive at your suite and find something is missing, simply contact our staff and they will assist you. Remember, we’re here to make your stay as lovely as possible so you don’t have to bring every single essential for your extended stay.

Get Outside!

While you may want to get cozy in your room, that’s not the reason you’re traveling in the first place. Get out on the town! Go to any of the dozens of restaurants scattered about the North End, take a jaunt about the city, visit a museum or two, or head to the park to relax. There are so many options once you find yourself in a new city for a decent period of time!

Here at Bricco Suites, we pride ourselves on providing a phenomenal extended stay experience. When you come and stay with us, utilize our advice for the best trip possible. We look forward to your stay with us!

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